Funding for the East Bay's Green New Deal--East Bay Community Energy's Local Development Business Plan Weds June 19 at San Leandro City Hall
Update June 17:
The board meeting location has been updated to San Leandro City Hall
The board agenda can be found here:

We need you to speak to the East Bay Community Energy board members, Wednesday June 19, 2019 at 6:00pm City of San Leandro, 835 E. 14th Street, San Leandro CA to demand a larger budget for an East Bay Green New Deal!

In 2016, the East Bay Clean Power Alliance advocated for and won a Community Choice energy program--East Bay Community Energy that committed to developing local clean energy benefit programs and projects in Alameda County.
The board of supervisors put forth $500,000 to develop a Local Development Business Plan (LDBP), a plan for creating a clean energy infrastructure at home, to create clean energy jobs, affordable clean energy, improve health and keep the energy wealth local.

In 2018 the Local Development Business Plan was completed and with your help, was adopted!

Now in 2019, we need to make East Bay Community Energy put forth a significant amount of money. We are demanding $7,280,000, or 1.8% of the Energy Operations budget, towards the following programs:

Vehicle Electrification
Building Electrification
Collaborative Procurement
Community Investment Fund
Enhanced Net Energy Metering
Demand Response
Energy Efficiency

For a review of what these programs and projects are, check out these handouts from our past workshops: (November 2018) (June 2018)

Talking Points here:

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Thank you for supporting East Bay Clean Power Alliance and our demand for local clean energy benefit programs and projects!
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