Google Account: Permission Form
Dear Parents or Guardians:

Your child is enrolled in at least one computer-based course at Kitsilano Secondary School with Mr. Colin Kam.

1) It is expected that students access to the internet to complete assignments and submit some of them online. The course typically requires that students to obtain a Google Account so that they have access to e-mail (Gmail), cloud storage (Google Drive), and other web-based apps (Google Docs, YouTube, etc.). However, tech companies such as Google do not necessarily store information on Canadian servers, which means the information might NOT be fully protected by the PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT (PIPA). The law requires public bodies to ensure that “personal information in its custody or under its control is stored only in Canada and accessed only in Canada." Although not entirely necessary, it is strongly recommended that your child are allowed to use these websites for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.

2) It is expected that your child fully complies with VSB ACCEPTABLE USE OF TECHNOLOGY (, which was included in a package sent home on the first day of school. The page needs to be signed and returned to the office. Extra copies of the policy are available in the classroom.

3) In addition, it is expected that your child also complies with the school's CODE OF CONDUCT, which can be found in the school's student agenda and/or the school app.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to direct them to me.

Mr. Kam
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