IAESTE Austria Ongoing Exchange System
1) Log in to your Exchange Platform profile
     >>Exchange Platform Link<<

2) Search for internships in the 'Available Offers' section.

     Make sure your desired internship:

     a) matches closely your field of studies
     b) you meet all mentioned 'previous training' or 'other requirements' 
     c) the deadline for nomination is at least 7 days ahead of the date of your application

3) Fill out this form.

Only apply for internships which match your Completed Years Of Study (CYOS) or require less CYOS than you have!!

0 CYOS: < 30 ECTS
1 CYOS: > 30 - 90 ECTS
2 CYOS: > 90 - 150 ECTS
3 CYOS: > 150 - 210 ECTS
4 CYOS: > 210 - 270 ECTS
5 CYOS: > 270 ECTS

(credits from BSc and MSc studies are added together)

Multiple applications:
You can apply for up to 3 internships simultaneously. You have to submit an individual application for each internship using this form. Please submit your applications in the order of interest for your chosen internships. First fill the form providing the reference number of the internship you are most interested in.

If you have any questions - please message us -> internship@iaeste.at
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Please provide the email address you used to register on the IAESTE Exchange Platform.
Internship reference number *
Please provide the reference number of the internship, for example: US-2023-54932UG
Let us know details, for example why you fulfill certain requirements of your desired internship.
Deposit of 300€ *
I am aware that in case of a nomination I have to pay a deposit of 300€ to IAESTE Austria in order to complete the internship.
More information can be found here: https://www.iaeste.at/students/internships/outgoing-trainee/ under the Financial tab
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I confirm that IAESTE can use and store the provided data for the application process
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