Thame Round Table - Donation Request
Thank you for approaching Thame Round Table (TRT) to support your cause.

The details you supply on this form will help TRT review your request as quickly as we can as a group.

We would kindly ask that you consider the following criteria before you complete the form:

- Ideally a request should be for a charity or cause local to Thame
- Ideally a request should benefit more than one individual
- Requests must have a clearly defined need for a specific donation
- Ideally a request should be for a capital project (a physical item)

The criteria above are reviewed by TRT against all requests in the context of the details you supply below.

Information provided on this form will only be shared with Thame Round Table, and be used to communicate with you about your donation request. Your details will not used for any other means, or passed onto any third parties.
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Name of Charity / Cause *
Contact Name *
Contact Telephone Number *
Contact Email Address *
Position at Charity / Cause *
Where is the charity/cause located? *
Brief background to charity/cause *
Please provide any information that will help give better context to the donation request. If you have a website or active social media accounts please also include them in this answer.
Details of donation request *
Please explain the details of the donation you would like Thame Round Table to consider - including details of any specific donation amount(s).
Are there any deadlines linked to your donation request?
If you have any time limiting factors surrounding your request please let us know.
Have you received any donations from Thame Round Table in the past? *
Registered Charity number
If you are making a request for a charity please provide your registered charity number below.
How did you find out about Thame Round Table?
Please check that you're happy with all of the details you've provided above before submitting your request.

As Thame Round Table is a volunteer organisation we will do our best to review your request as fast as we can, and take into account any time-limiting factors you have specified - informing you of any updates on progress.

All eligible requests are voted on by the members of Thame Round Table, the resulting majority vote being the final decision on any given donation request.

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