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Please take your time and really answer the questions, the more you share, the more value you will get out of our future sessions. // After I review I will be in touch and set up your Discovery Session if applicable. // I am not able to speak with everyone who completes this application and out of respect for your time and mine I will set up a call only if I believe we could be a good fit for coaching. // THIS INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL and will only be reviewed by Jennifer Witte.
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What are some of the challenges, issues you are currently facing in your life, personally and/or professionally that you know you want to work on. Please take your time and talk about at least 2-3 topics. Be specific. *
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Have you done other personal development work? (Therapy, coaching, other methods). If so, tell me a little about those experiences. What did you learn about yourself? What were your biggest insights? *
How would you describe your relationship to food? (How do you feel before, during or after eating; Do you think a lot about it?) *
How would you describe your relationship to your body? (Are you critical with it, ...) *
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