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Fakz Partnering Requirements:
1.- You must have the Fakz Partner Badge on your stream or videos, either as a watermark or your description.

2.- The Partner Badge must either be followed by a link or be clickable with the link to our Discord.

3.- We require you to represent Fakz in your streams. Essentially just advertise us and we will advertise you.

4.- Fill out the application (Entertainers Form).

5.- For mutual trust you must give one of our admins moderation privileges in your streams. (He will only do as you ask and follow your rules of course.)

6.- If you do anything to break the trust of Fakz Central you agree to break up the Partnering. The same goes for Fakz with you.

7.- You are permitted to announce personal events for your channel on our website or Discord. Just contact our staff to make it happen.

-We can change the Partner Badge to fit your stream designs if needed.
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