Contract Faculty United-UAW Working Conditions Survey 

Five years ago, contract faculty at NYU began organizing a union to bring about the working conditions that signal not just the university's reliance on us as teachers, scholars, and administrators, but its respect for us as professionals. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and a dispersed faculty, a majority of us have signed up in support of our union, Contract Faculty United - UAW. We are part of a huge wave of academic workers across all professions organizing unions right now, including full-time non-tenure track faculty at Barnard College who set citywide standards in their new union contract

To keep moving forward, however, and ultimately win recognition, we need to continue expanding, not just as a body of supporters, but as an active community and network across campus. 

Our union—your union—needs your participation! Our union depends on the active contribution of a large, diverse group of faculty. The survey below highlights some simple but important ways you can help our organizing effort move ahead. As we enter a new academic year, please take a few minutes to share your perspective about your status and your recent work experience. More importantly, highlight how you can contribute.

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1. Basic Information
Please ensure we have the most up-to-date contact info. 
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How many years have you been contract faculty at NYU? 
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2. Working Conditions
We've asked these questions before, but please take a moment to share any recent experiences. If you have nothing new to report, scroll down to the next section.

What are the parts of your job that are particularly great and most important to maintain as contract faculty?

What are the parts of your job that are the biggest challenges and most important to improve as contract faculty?

(Optional) Please elaborate more on either of the questions above.

What concerns or values are most important to you, and perhaps also to colleagues in your department, that could be addressed through collective bargaining?

3. Cost of Living and Compensation

Do you know the current salary floor for your rank/title?

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Has your salary increased as a result of NYU raising salary floors?
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My annual salary increases have kept up with cost of living:
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My salary level corresponds to my responsibilities and years of service at NYU: 
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What else would you like to share about how contract faculty compensation is structured in the University as a whole?
4. I want to get more involved in our Union!

I can (Please check all that apply):

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