Important Questions
At our recent Changing Lives Anniversary Conference we asked the attendees the following questions. We now would like to give those who were unable to attend the event, or did not complete and return the questionnaire on the day, the chance to express their views.
Answers to the questions will help use decide which issue is the most important and worthy of being the subject of an e-petition that will be created shortly,
Thank you in advance for your assistance,


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EHCPs - Should all local authorities be required to use one standard EHCP template rather than (as is the current situation) each devise their own? *
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EHCPs - Should local authorities be required to produce evidence to show that those drafting EHCPs have followed successfully a national accredited course of training for carrying out this work? *
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Local Authority Accountability - Should LA Children and Young People's Services be held accountable for any failure on their part to respect the legal requirements and to show 'reasonable' behaviour in relation to SEN and Social Care? *
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The SEND Tribunal - Should evidence at Tribunal be given under oath?
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Please add any further comments you may have relating to EHCPs, Tribunals and the Local Authorities.
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