3rd Grade Orchestra Registration 2017-2018
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Many students decide they want to play the violin, however, there is always a shortage of students wishing to play the viola, cello or double bass. These instruments are just as crucial to the orchestra as the violin! I urge you to help your child choose an instrument where performance opportunities will be greater (viola, cello or double bass) and which maintain an equal balance of instruments in the orchestra. Students who register early are more likely to get their first choice of instrument.
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Do you (the parent) have any musical experience that could benefit the students at DLES? For example: play an instrument, play piano, can tune a violin, etc.
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Parent Volunteers: Please indicate any events you may be interested in helping with this year. You will be contacted before the event to confirm your availability.
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Yes, my child understands and commits to these expectations and would like to be part of the music program.
Regular daily practicing at home
Attending ALL classes with an instrument and music.
Making-up ALL missed Spanish class work.
Attending ALL school AND evening concerts
Commitment to playing in the ensemble for the entire school year.
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