Revere on the Move, Youth-Led Mini Grants
Due Date: January 8th, 2017 by 11:59pm

Mini Grant Vision:
Our vision for these mini grants is to help Revere be a community where healthy eating and physical activity are a normal part of everyday life. This improves the overall health of our residents.

We aim to make it easy for residents of all ethnic backgrounds and all income levels to afford and access healthy foods in a variety of manners. This includes farmers’ markets, community gardens, engaging school food services, and healthy options at neighborhood restaurants and corner stores.

We also work to make it safe and easy for residents of all ages to be active. Residents should be able to walk and bike across Revere for fun and transportation, be active in schools, and access a network of urban trails and parks that residents are proud of.

Revere on the Move is a Mass in Motion initiative, funded by Partners Healthcare and co-led by the City of Revere and MGH Revere CARES Coalition. We are a community-led initiative working to make healthy eating and active living the easy choice in Revere. We are led by a Task Force that represents our many close partner organizations and dedicated community members.

The goal of the MGH Revere CARES Coalition is to improve the wellbeing of Revere’s residents by preventing substance abuse and promoting healthy eating, active living. We do our work by creating opportunities for residents, organizations, and community leaders to understand what affects the health of residents and partnering to find solutions that make Revere a healthy place for you and your family.

Mini Grant Goal:
Revere on the Move (ROTM) is offering up to $3,000 in mini-grants to support programs or policy, systems, and environmental changes (PSEs) led by youth in the Revere community. Applicants should be 19 years of age or younger and live in the Revere, but do not have to be a student at a school in Revere. Each project should have an adult mentor. Proposed projects must take place in Revere and be completed by the end of 2017 in order to be considered for funding.

We define policy, systems, and environmental changes as permanent changes that can affect the entire community for years to come. Policy changes may be any formal or informal rule, such as changing workplace policies to provide time off during work hours for physical activity. Systems changes address the way things are normally done in an organization such as a school or the transportation system. Environmental changes involve improvements to the physical environment.
We define programs as short-term, possibly even one-time events that serve people at an individual level but do not make permanent changes to the environment or policies. A program would be a walking club on the urban trail for the summer.

Applications are due Sunday, January 8th, 2017 by 11:59pm.
You can expect to hear back from us by February 1st, 2017.

Available Funds:
In this round, we will be awarding up to $3,000
You may apply for any amount between $1 and $3,000 as long as the amount is justified. The amount may be negotiated or adjusted by the review committee.
The Revere Youth Health Leadership Council reviews all proposals, considers the total amount requested, impact, and other proposals and will try to fund as many ideas as possible.

Evaluation Criteria:
The mini-grant applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Level of impact (School/ City/ Neighborhood/ Population Sub-Group)
Does your proposal meet the goal of supporting Revere youth to live healthier lives?
Does the applicant show they are able to carry out the proposal? Is the project led by youth?
Is the budget reasonable?

For more information about how your proposal will be scored, see the rubric at the end of the application.

Reporting Requirement:
You will also be required to complete a one-page reporting template at the end of the school year. If your project continues beyond June, you will be required to complete another reporting template at the completion of your project.

Let us help you:

The ROTM Task Force will provide a workshop for at the Revere High School on Wednesday, December 14th. Bring a draft of your proposal and receive one-on-one guidance to help improve your application!
The ROTM Task Force commits to provide grant winners with timely assistance, including feedback on measures of success and connections to other community members and organizations who might be potential partners. For additional information, please see application for contact information.

Join our Task Force!
Grant awardees will be invited to attend ROTM Task Force Meetings during the duration of their project. We meet quarterly on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 5:00-6:30pm at the Revere Police Station.

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