What have I learned about assisting seniors?
Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for taking the time to read our Assisting Seniors volunteer guide. We hope that this quiz will help you feel more sure of yourself as you put the things you have learned into action and remind you about the values of the Wellness Centre.

We encourage you to ask any questions you may have to the Volunteer Coordinator or the staff person in charge. Only the Volunteer Coordinator will see your answers and she will keep them private.

You can do the quiz as many times as you like!
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Which are the following are true:
1 point
Access to services in English is particularly important for this vulnerable group because they face unique challenges, such as:
1 point
Our programs for English-speaking seniors aim to...
4 points
Which of the following are correct ways of preventing the spread of germs?
1 point
Which of the following are good ways to establish a relationship with a senior?
3 points
Qualities of a good listener include which of the following?
3 points
Responding to a senior with declining abilities requires a lot of tact. Which of the following tips are listed in our guide?
5 points
Which of these safety positioning principles for transferring in and out of a car are true?
3 points
Which of these Day Centre kitchen rules is false?
1 point
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