College Recommendation Questionnaire (Class of 2016)
IMPORTANT: This questionnaire is only for students who have asked me for a college recommendation letter. You should ONLY complete the following questions if 1) you have asked me personally to write for you, and 2) I have agreed to do so.

In addition to completing this form, please be sure that you request a recommendation from me on Naviance. I will begin working on your letter AFTER you have formally requested my recommendation on Naviance.
(the one you use most frequently)
Earliest anticipated deadline *
Why did you choose to take this course? *
What were your two "On" essays about? Which did you like better? Why? *
What was the most interesting thing you learned this year in this class? This could be related to content, skills, or yourself. *
Describe your anthology research topic in 10 words or less. *
What is on your college bucket list? Why? *
What do you want colleges to know about you? This can either be specific to this class or in general. *
Please share anything else that would be helpful for me in writing your recommendation.
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