Personal Development Workshop
Each workshop is limited to 15 participants.
Details of the Workshops
Topic 1 - Career Planning:
This workshop can assist students seeking help with career planning and decision making.

Topic 2 - Stress Management:
This workshop aims to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of stress.

Topic 3 - Empower Yourself:
This workshop will enable individuals to overcome past failures, fears and tap into their inner strength and gear up for future success.

Topic 4 - Journey of Self-discovery:
This workshop assists students to understand their personal strengths and challenges.

Topic 5 - Time Management and Goal Setting:
This workshop prepares participants to increase their results and maximize the effectiveness of their activities.

Topic 6 - The Art of Learning:
This workshop exposes students with a variety of learning strategies, aimed to enhance student’s motivation, memory, attention, and performance in learning.

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