Dark Side Of The Con 4 Vendor Application
Dark Side Of The Con Vendor Application!  

* Please Contact DarkSide@VampireFreaks.com with any questions. *

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Vendor Brand Name *
Contact Person's Preferred Name *
Phone Number *
Please list a phone number in case we need to contact you via phone.  If you need to discuss payment details or sponsorship by phone, this can be arranged. We primarily work via e-mail and will not be calling accepted vendors.  For your privacy we will not list your phone number on our website.
Promotional Image / logo URL (for our website)
Website (with pictures of wares) *
We will be using your website both to link back to you on our site if we accept your application, and to evaluate your wares and services (especially appropriateness to the event). If your website does not have pictures representative of the ware or services you will be selling at the event, please send representative photos from your listed Contact E-mail to DarkSide@vampirefreaks.com  to ensure your application is complete.
Please give a short (<50 words) description of your business for the website and playbill. *
They will be used on our website if your application is accepted.
What kind of items do you sell? *
What is the spookiest item you sell?
Have you vended at Dark Side of the Con or any VampireFreaks event before?
Which Vending Packages are you interested in? *
Would you like premium vendor placement?  (prime high-traffic vendor location)
VampireFreaks reserves our right to choose table placement at our own discretion. It is understood only vendors who pay this premium vendor placement will be given the opportunity to choose their general location.
Would you like an electrical outlet?
How many total admissions will you need for yourself and assistants? We will invoice you for the additional assistants' at half-price of the general admission. *
(1 Booth Vending space = 4 free general admissions; 1 Table Vending space = 2 free general admissions).   We will require the legal names of all vendors + assistants before event.  We reserve the right to limit the number of half-price general admissions. There is no discount for unused free general admissions.
Any technical or set-up needs?
If you have any absolute requirements, in which your set up will not work unless it is accommodated for, such as a need to be placed against a wall, or something similar, it must be listed here. There will be absolutely NO adjustments on your  placement made during the event to accommodate needs not listed here.  
Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities
Our events are always great, but they're even better because of our sponsors!  All of our vendors get announced on our social media and get listed on our website.  In addition, we have a variety of sponsorship and advertising possibilities to promote your business!
Agreement: *
Invoice and Payment: Invoice will be issued upon acceptance. Payment or payment arrangement must be made within 4 weeks of invoice date, or your space will revert to wait-list status.  If you need to make a payment plan arrangement, you must contact darkside@vampirefreaks.com within two weeks of invoice date. Invoice is sent to the email address you provided above.  An incorrect address does not affect this agreement. Placement: VampireFreaks reserves our right to choose table placement at our own discretion. Upon agreeing to this it is understood only vendors who pay the premium vendor placement will be given the opportunity to choose their general location. If you have a concern about your placement or specific requirement it must be listed under set up and technical needs above. Absolutely no placement changes will be made the day of set up for any reasons not stated in this application. Refunds: There will be no refunds issued after 6 months prior to the event.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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