Corporate Division Officer Application
Welcome to Corporate!

As one of the largest and most diverse societies at LSE, we have a large platform and potential to reach out and liase with large international and/or corporate actors.

Role description:
- As a UN Corporate Officer, you will work to secure funding and sponsorships from companies and organisations for our society and maintain positive working relationships with them.
-work together with the Divisions, President, Vice President and Treasurer to create sponsorship proposals to send to organisations.
- You will also attend many careers fairs and breakfast talks hosted by LSE, where you will meet external companies. This will not only be an opportunity for the society, but for your personal network!
- Meetings with the Corporate Division will be held once a week, for discussion and updates on progress.
- I am very open to any new ideas on how fundraise for the UN Society and all our great work, and welcome all creative minds!

Advantages of the position:
-great platform to practice and improve your networking skills
-learn how to draft proposal forms
-gain in-depth knowledge of the functioning of a society
-the pride and glory of roping in successful sponsorships :)))
These are all transferrable skills that would look attractive on a resume/CV

If your application is successful, we will invite you to an informal interview.

If you have further questions, you are more than welcome to shoot me an email at:

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