2019 Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form
Requirements to apply:

An individual may be nominated and selected as the Volunteer of the Year for extraordinary accomplishments as a volunteer if the individual—
(1) was a volunteer for a State Association or a member of a State Association;
(2) is an excellent role model for the community beyond soccer;
(3) has favorable relations with other members of the soccer community;
(4) demonstrates a willingness to promote players and soccer;
(5) is a positive role model for all volunteers;
(6) is of sound moral and ethical character;
(7) through participation, has increased the opportunities for others to participate in soccer;
(8) has not previously received national or other significant recognition from US Youth Soccer for contributions to soccer, but is well known in his or her community and is a true hero of grassroots soccer;
(9) has not received any compensation for the volunteer efforts.

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