Ethics and Inclusion Framework© 3.0
The Ethics and Inclusion Framework is a free assessment aimed to slow down and broaden the decision-making and design process of the product or service creators. The aim of the framework is to help them identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for how they address the actual and potential adverse impacts of the product/service they develop.
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How does the assessment work?
As you complete the survey, you’ll be prompted to question

(a) The diversity of the user base of your product or service.
Who is your ideal customer and how well this ideal user represents all users?

(b) The population beyond your target user.
What about those that are outside your ideal user but they still use your product or being impacted by it? Who is being “rejected” by your product or service?

(c) The negative effect of your product or service.
What is the risk that your product or service generates negative outcomes.

What is the expected outcome of completing the survey?
At the end of the survey, you will be prompted to reflect on an actionable next step. For example, uncovering neglected or negatively impacted users can be seen as opportunities to foster innovation.

Once you reach the end of the survey, you can request to receive a free .pdf document of your survey.

You can learn more about the context of the project at 
1.- The estimated time necessary to complete the survey is between 15 and 45 minutes.

2.- For the best experience, complete the survey from a computer monitor.

3.- I, Patricia Gestoso, may share the answers in an aggregated and anonymized fashion for non-profit purposes (e.g. raise awareness), your information will not be sold.

4.-  By providing your email to get a .pdf copy of your survey you won't be subscribed to any free or paid service, product, or email distribution list. You can request your answer to be deleted by emailing

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