200 Club
Join Boat of Garten Community Hall's 200 Club for a chance to win £100 every month.

Boat of Garten Community Hall is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Scottish Charity No: SC035682. Company No: SC267713. Registered office: The Old Schoolhouse, Rothiemurchus PH22 1QH.

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How to pay: Annual bank transfers cost much less to administer, so it would be great if you would make your money go further by transferring £24 per number, every August (a reminder will be sent every July). 200 Club membership is for a minimum of a year and costs £24 per number, annually. Please select your chosen payment method: *
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Terms & Conditions
1. The 200 Club will be run in accordance with the regulations set out in the Gambling Act 2005.
2. All of the proceeds from the 200 Club, after prize money has been deducted, will go to Boat of Garten Community Hall.
3. Persons under the age of 18 cannot join the 200 Club.
4. Membership is £2 per month, £24 per year. The minimum subscription term is 12 months.
5. Payment can be by cash, cheque or bank transfer and must be for a minimum of 12 months in advance.
6. Each draw will take place in the first week of the month, apart from August 2018 draw which will be done after August 15th to allow members to submit application forms and annual membership.
7. The draw will be done using randomiser software.
8. A single prize of £100 will be paid to the winner within the month after the draw.
9. Additional, occasional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of Boat of Garten Community Hall.
10. Members in arrears will not be eligible to take part in the draw.
11. Renewal reminders will be sent out one month prior to the expiry of their membership.
12. The names of the monthly winners will be posted on noticeboards throughout the village, on Boat of Garten Community Hall’s Facebook page and in Boat of Garten Community Hall’s email newsletters.
13. All queries concerning the 200 Club should be addressed to the Hall’s office: 01479 831123 or email: info@boathall.org.uk
14. Club members will be notified in advance of an amendments or additions to these rules that might be necessary in the future.
15. Any dispute will be referred to the Chair of Boat of Garten Community Hall’s Board. This decision will be final.
16. Boat of Garten reserves the right to cancel the 200 Club in the event that membership receipts fall below £200 per month.
17. Members will be given a minimum of one month’s notice and all monies paid for subsequent draws will be refunded in full.
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