FWG Directory Listing Update Form
This form is to update the FWG Directory Listings! Our goal is to be sure that our listings are up to date with current information about authors and trim our list of those no longer active not only in the guild, but in the fandom in general. With a list that is more up to date, we can better promote guild members and the stories they are writing!

We will be collecting your email address in this form. Not only does this help us confirm votes for things like the Coyotl Awards, but also allows us to send out important newsletters about important guild activities. We promise there's no spam happening here! It is vitally important we have your current email on file.
Email address *
What name do you wish to be listed under? *
We recommend if you use a different name within the fandom than when you publish that it is included here. Ex: Linnea "LiteralGrill" Capps
Please write a small description about yourself! *
This can include facts about yourself, stories you have written, whatever you like! Help those reading get to know you!
Please list any social media accounts you are active on!
Make it easy for those browsing the listings to find you. We use this information to promote members through our own accounts when able! This includes things like Twitter, SoFurry, FurAffinity, etc.
Please link a picture to be used for your profile page.
This is not required, but some members like showing themselves or their fursonas on their listings. Leave us a link to somewhere like FurAffinity, Imgur, etc so we can download the image.
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