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Thank you for your interest in applying for our Apollo Programme.


We are offering an intense, business building, entrepreneurial journey over six weeks for 30 individuals who have a clear problem they want to solve. Whether you have a clearly defined solution, or are only just wrapping your head around what it means to be an entrepreneur, our programme is here to support you.

Each Wednesday afternoon (1-4pm), we'll cover 6 key topics to help you experiment with your idea how to take it forward. There will be a masterclass followed by lessons from entrepreneurs who have been there & done it, networking & learning from the group.

Week 1: Identifying Problems & Ideas
Week 2: Lean Start-up & Bootstrapping
Week 3: Knowing your Customers
Week 4: Choosing your Business Model
Week 5: Scaling up & Finances
Week 6: Pitching

The application should take less than 10 minutes to fill out, and will enable our Aston Enterprise team to ensure we're selecting the right candidates who will truly benefit from our programme. Section 1 focuses on your idea, whilst Section 2 allows to understand a little more about you.

Apollo is part of Aston Enterprise, based in Aston University in Birmingham. Only current Aston students are eligible to participate.

Contact us: enterprise@aston.ac.uk
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You might have a specific idea, or an idea of the problem you want to solve for your potential customers - it doesn't matter if your idea isn't fully solved yet, we just want to understand what interests you.
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