FHS Driver's Tag

The FHS parking lot does not have enough spaces for each individual student to drive a vehicle to school. A system of vehicle registration and a car tag will be required to park on school property. Basic rules for driving and parking at school are as follows:

-Park in a designated spot for students in the north lot and around the building
-Pull in to parking space (Do not back in or pull through the space) Must back out to leave.
-Tag must be in the front windshield on driver’s side at the bottom. (Bottom Right corn from the inside)
-Drive safely at all times.
-$20.00 will be required for a parking tag (There will be no refunds after purchased)
-Lost tag = no refund and you need another tag
-Penalties for not having tag displayed, parking in lots with no tag, or parking in wrong area will be as follows:
1st ) Verbal Warning 2nd) Detention, 3rd) 2 Detentions
-Parking for untagged vehicles should be at the football field parking.
-Using someone else’s tag will result in forfeiture of the tag plus 2 detentions.
-VIP Parking is announced by the office. Parking here without office permission will lead to progressive discipline.

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