PERFECTION REAL ESTATE AMBASSADORSHIP PROGRAM is aimed at financially rewarding members and intending members of PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY who took it upon themselves to spread the news about us within their own spheres of influence.

As an AMBASSADOR, you are a duplicate copy of PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY and therefore you are expected to have in your possession the full knowledge of OUR VISION and MISSION in terms of WHO WE ARE, OUR CORE PURPOSE, OUR ULTIMATE GOAL and OUR PRODUCTS.

Through our Ambassadorship program, our common wealth is being distributed and redistributed among our membership.

Intending members can also join in the Ambassadorship program as the only condition required is to formally register, get trained and be certified.

You can begin to earn millions in active and passive income through our Ambassadorship program. You also win valuable gifts like brand new car, all expense paid trips and other valuable items like TV set, generator, laptop, smart phone etc

Please answer the questions below if you will like to be invited for our AMBASSADORSHIP CERTIFICATION TRAINING.

Our office contact:
1, Bola Street, opposite King Solomon Hospital, Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria.

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