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For the Spring Semester we are offering two classes, "Ivan Illich and our Present Crisis" taught by our Associate Director Michael Sacasas and "Reading the Gospels, Part Two: The Road to the Cross" taught by our Director Dr. Richard Horner. Below are the details on both classes.

"Ivan Illich and our Present Crisis"
Associate Director Michael Sacasas
Tuesdays at 4:05pm (over Zoom)

Ivan Illich was a scholar, activist, and Roman Catholic priest, whose critical work on the major institutions of industrial society rose to international prominence in the 1970s. We no longer live in the 1970s, but for as much as the world has changed since then, Illich’s work has only grown more relevant and compelling. Illich was a radical thinker in the literal sense—his analysis got down to the root of things rather than focusing on symptoms and superficialities. He was also willing to challenge even our most sacrosanct institutions such as modern schooling and medicine. But Illich’s work was not merely critical. It was animated by a clear and vital vision for human flourishing grounded in a theological understanding of the human person.

Throughout this class, we will consider Illich’s life and work, while seeking to apply his insights to various aspects of our current situation including our relationship to technology, our political disorders, and the unfolding crisis of institutions.

The zoom class begins on Tuesday, February 4th at 4:05pm.


"Reading the Gospels, Part Two: The Road to the Cross"
Director Dr. Richard Horner
Wednesdays at 10:40am (over Zoom)
Wednesdays at 3pm (over Zoom)

Beginning with the transfiguration and concluding with the resurrection of Jesus, we will continue to read the four New Testament gospels alongside each other in order to gain deeper insight into the distinctive agendas and interests of each gospel writer.

As we did last semester, we will once again be asking how the different agendas, perspectives, and editorial policies shape these books and how the differences among them enrich the picture of Jesus that they give us. Having focused on Matthew and Mark last fall, Luke and John will play a more prominent role this semester.

Both sections of the Zoom Gospels class begin Wednesday, January 27th.

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