Sexual Harassment: How We Arrived at this #MeToo Moment
Making sense of the #MeToo Moment
Sexual Harassment is not a new phenomenon, but women being believed and men being held accountable for their actions is. What kind of impact has legislation, societal pressure, and the permanent presence of women in the workforce had on this paradigm shift in American attitudes?

Hear from three experts: Lynne Revo-Cohen, Sarah Fleisch Fink,Rachel Geffen, and Francine Weiss, who will talk about the social activism of the women who propelled the #MeToo (Gam Ani in Hebrew) moment forward in the U.S. and the power of the "One Out of One" movement that's been taking place in Israel over the past few years. We'll also hear about Title VII protections, your rights as an employee, how employers can improve their workplace environment, and where this moment might take us. Contact with questions or press inquiries.

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