PCS General Volunteer Application Form
Portland Community Squash has created a facility and a community of adult and junior squash players representing diverse socioeconomic groups and backgrounds in Portland, Maine. Our mission is to sustain this diverse community and to provide academic and squash instruction to challenge and empower Portland area youth to achieve academic success, physical wellness, constructive citizenship and a path to higher education and beyond.

We are always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to join our team and support the facility and programs at PCS. After completing this form, we will contact you with the next steps.

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Squash Volunteering :: Marilu Fortson | marilu@pcsquash.com
Facility Cleaning :: Elise Malongi | elise@pcsquash.com
Tutoring / Classroom Volunteering :: Bevan Whitehead | bevan@pcsquash.com
Long Term Mentoring :: Gavi Enriquez | gavi@pcsquash.com
Summer Camp :: Katrina Buchta | katrina@pcsquash.com
Wellness Volunteering :: Nicole Gordon | nicole@pcsquash.com
Events / Admin + Office Work :: Sarah Stickney | sarah@pcsquash.com
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