Coworking Visa update
"The Coworking Visa allows active members of one space to use other coworking spaces around the world for free for a set number of days (3 is the default).

Terms vary from space to space with regard to hours of operation, how many days are offered, reservation requirements, etc., so be sure to check the Visa terms for the space you want to visit." -

The Coworking Visa wiki is out of date.

This form is separate from the wiki but will autogenerate a new site - where more than 100 spaces are already updated with an interactive map and detailed listings - linked to the Wiki, to make it easier to use the Visa. This service is free of charge. After you submit this form, you'll receive an email when the site is updated with your coworking space's info.

Questions: contact Alex Linsker, Collective Agency, Portland Oregon
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What's the name of the coworking space?
What's your name?
Is this coworking space part of the Coworking Visa? Not a 'day trial' with a required membership tour, but: a member from another coworking space on the Visa can call ahead and then work at your space as members there work, and every person responding to phone and emails knows what the Visa is?
How many days can someone work there who's a member of another space on the Coworking Visa?
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What hours and what days of the week is it open to Visa members? Spaces on the Visa are open at least for what's considered a 'full workday' locally and most are open every weekday.
What's the phone number?
What's the contact email?
If your email is different from the contact email and you'd like to be contacted after filling out this form, you can enter it here:
Describe the space and community in a paragraph?
What amenities does the coworking space have for Visa members?
What does the coworking space have that isn't available to Visa members? Does the space ever ask for any fees from Visa members?
What year did the coworking space open?
What's the street address (if more than one location, put a ; between the addresses)?
What city is it in?
What state or territory is it in?
What country is it in?
What's the zip code or mailing code? (if it starts with a "0", please add a "-" at the end, such as 07325- )
What's the website?
If there was a peer group of people with similar coworking spaces, and weekly or every-other-week phone calls, and sharing of resources, and a fee to participate, would you be interested in more information on that?
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What else would you like to write here?
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