2021 Christian Fiction Christmas Round Robin
Join us on a scavenger hunt through  Christian fiction Christmas stories! Enter to win one of three amazing prizes! First place is $250 Amazon gift card, second place is $150 Amazon gift card, third place is $100 Amazon gift card! Giveaway closes December 12, 2021, at 11:59 PM EST. By participating in this giveaway, I understand that will be added to each author's email list. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time.
The blogs go in a circle, so you don't have to start with any specific author's post. Here's is a good place to begin:  https://www.halleebridgeman.com/christmas
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In Lyn Cote's Beneath Northern Lights, what is the translation of Gayaashako and from what language? *
In Ciara Knight's Christmas Bells of Creekside, what does Noelle spray Keith with? *
In Sarah Hamaker's Mistletoe & Murder, what valley does the house have a view of? *
In Hallee's Bridgeman's Blizzard in the Bluegrass (found in the first book inside the When Snowflakes Never Cease collection), why does Noah hide under the bench in the mall? *
In Linda Brooks Davis' A Sojourner Christmas, what Rio Grande Valley creature is described "as big around as dinner plates?" *
In Carole Brown's Sabotaged Christmas, who did Toni DeLuca doubt? *
In Pam Green's Church for Sale, what did Dennis have to teach when he substituted at the high school? *
In Rosey Lee's Beautiful, Complicated Family: Volume 2, what is the title of the Christmas-themed story in Beautiful, Complicated Family: Volume 2? *
In Cara Putman's Christmas in Mistletoe Square, what movie did Cara Putman glean inspiration from for her novella in this collection? *
In Myra Johnson's Their Christmas Prayer, Shaun sidesteps an unnerving question from Erin and Kent. What do they ask him to do? *
In Katy Lee's Holiday Suspect Pursuit, what type of gun does Special Agent Nicole Harrington carry for her personal weapon? *
In Karen Witemeyer's Under the Texas Mistletoe, what is the name of the town Scrooge? *
In Cathe Swanson's Always and Forever, what is Penny carrying as she enters the house? *
In Davalynn Spencer's Just In Time for Christmas, what what precious thing is Lena about to lose now? *
In Christina Sinisi's Christmas on Ocracoke, what did Annie spill on her shoes? *
In Angela Breidenbach's Queen of the Rockies, where can you soak in a hot spring? *
In Missy Tippens' His Perfect Christmas, what borrowed item does Hardy return to Marge’s house? *
In Eva Marie Everson's The Ornament Keeper, what does "Mom" tell Sara to say to her "boss" when she gets to work? *
In Virginia Smith's A Goose Creek Christmas, how long has Al’s boss, Lewis, worked for the company? *
In Donna Schlachter's The Mystery of Christmas Inn, Colorado, why did Matthew come to the inn? *
In Leeann Betts' There Was a Crooked Man, why were Carly and Mike going to the dude ranch? *
In Melanie Dobson's The Christmas Bride: A Legacy of Love Novel, what religious group inspired The Christmas Bride? *
In Diane Craver's A Gift Forever, how old was Justin Reeves when he overcame a disability in his life? *
In Jennifer Chastain's The Mistletoe Contract, what is Meredith's occupation? *
In Zoe M. McCarthy's Gift of the Magpie, what were the red and white candy canes doing on her laptop screen saver? *
In Jeanette Hanscome's Gifts: A Christmas Novella, how many anonymous gifts does Justine give each Christmas? *
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