CEREBROS(TM)-A "Make-In-India", portable, point-of-care neuromonitoring device
We are developing a portable, point-of-care neuro-monitoring device (CEREBROS(TM)) for continuous, non-invasive monitoring of neurovascular and electrophysiological status of the brain. The device uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) combined with Electroencephalography (EEG) by using a proprietary algorithm developed through an international collaboration [India-France-Germany].(https://team.inria.fr/nphys4nrehab/). The device consists of a wearable headset connected with a small data processing and display unit (roughly in the size of a tiffin-box) that can easily be used at bedside, ambulances, accident/trauma site, rural communities.
We need your help to make it better by taking part in the short survey that will take less than two minutes. Your inputs will be invaluable to improve this technology which is now part of very first ‘Make in India’ initiative in MEDICAL DEVICES sector. (http://electropreneurpark.com/)
1. Do you know of any existing portable, point-of-care neuromonitoring device like CEREBROS(TM) that you can use routinely in your practice *
If you have answered YES to the above question, please mention the name of such device
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2. Please select the conditions in which you will use/recommend use a portable, point-of-care neuromonitoring device like CEREBROS(TM) *
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3. Please select the settings where you believe CEREBROS(TM) will be an ideal device for neuromonitoring
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4. Please let us know what you think the ideal price point (in INR or Indian Rupees , 1 USD = 60 INR) for wide adaptation of CEREBROS(TM) - you can mention a range or whatever you feel right. *
(the production cost is approx Rs. 60000 or USD 1000)
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5. Do you feel CEREBROS(TM) can be a low-cost alternative for acute neurological conditions outside major metropolitan cities in India where there is lack of neuroimaging infrastructure like CT/MRI *
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