OOIFB Travel Reimbursement Form

Please complete this form upon return from your business travel. Questions about this form and OOIFB related travel can be directed to Karen Besson at <karen@ooifb.org> or 401-874-6825.

After submitting this form, please send all original receipts (with the exception of meals which are covered under Fed Per Diem) via postal mail to:
Karen Besson
OOIFB Administrative Support Office - Box 32
University of Rhode Island, GSO
215 South Ferry Road
Narragansett, RI 02882
Upon receipt, your travel claim will be processed through the URI Travel Department.

Important Notes:

1) Original receipts are required for all expenses (incl. airfare, taxi, shuttles, gas, tolls, etc...) with the exception of meals which are covered by Federal Per Diem. Credit Card receipts must show the last 4 digits of credit card, name and cost paid.

2) If you are missing a receipt, please complete a Missing Receipt Form and return with your receipts. Credit card statements may also be accepted if a receipt cannot be obtained.

3) Airfare: If you book-end personal travel (or non-OOIFB travel) before or after business travel dates, you are required to include an airfare quote (online printout accepted) of the airfare cost for only the OOIFB-related business dates of your trip. This printed quote must be done at the time of airfare booking to ensure dates are compliant with business travel dates. Airfare itineraries will not be accepted as receipts.

4) If you haven't traveled for URI before, please complete a W9 and ACH Direct Deposit form and email to: karen@ooifb.org To expedite your claim, please complete these forms in advance of your trip.

5) If you rented a vehicle for your travel, please complete a Rental Vehicle Justification Form. URI only reimburses for gas that the traveler purchases themselves, not the rental company gas option.

All forms referenced above are available on the OOIFB Travel Information webpage:
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