La.Lit Fellowships in Nonfiction: New Ethnographic Writing 2018
La.Lit, in partnership with the Open Institute, is pleased to announce the La.Lit Fellowships in Nonfiction: New Ethnographic Writing 2018. Up to six fellowships will be provided over a period of six months to help emerging and established Nepali writers and Nepal residents immerse themselves in a field context to capture facets of the societies, cultures and environments we live in. The NEW 2018 Fellowships aim to produce high-quality, research-driven writing.

Selected Fellows will receive financial support of up to Rs. 50,000 to conduct their fieldwork and research along with technical and editorial support, including workshops. The writing produced through the Fellowships will be published by La.Lit.

The objective of the NEW Fellowships is to go beyond conventional descriptions of specific places or communities in Nepal in order to delve into the complexity and texture of the modern Nepali experience. We see new ethnographic writing arising from an impulse to describe the conceptual and experiential point of view of a particular group of people, revealing their engagements with the broader world. An ethnographic essay could certainly be about traditional topics such as “Limbu shamans”, but we are more interested in newer social alignments: student activism, NGO culture, local governance, hip-hop battles, refugees, the day-to-day operation of rural health posts, Christian converts, etc. By providing Fellowships as well as technical and editorial support we hope to foster new writing and writers that will contribute to a more nuanced understanding of Nepal in rural and urban contexts.

In addition to filling this form, applicants are requested to send in the following to by March 10, 2018:

1. CV
2. Synopsis of writing project OR personal statement (Max. 800 words)
3. Writing samples (1 to 4 samples, each totalling no more than 5000 words)

Please note:

An orientation session will be organized at Quixote's Cove, Jawalakhel at 2pm on February 24, 2018 for those who would like to learn more about the Fellowships.

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