2020 STEM Recommendation Form
LSHS values your reference and appreciates your candid thoughts. Please know that all recommendations are CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with the candidate.
Recommendations are due by January 7, 2020.
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CREATIVITY: This student displays inventiveness, solves problems through non-traditional patterns of thinking, and produces many new and different ideas. He/she shows ingenuity in using everyday materials, exhibits wide or seemingly silly ideas, and produces ideas fluently, demonstrating flexibility. He/she is highly curious. *
GRIT & MOTIVATION: This student evidences an intense desire to achieve, striving to satisfy a need or attain set goals. He/she persists in pursuing/completing self-directed tasks, is a self-starter, is an enthusiastic learner, and aspires to be somebody and do something (note: some of these traits may be culturally influenced; please adjust your score appropriately). *
PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITIES: This student uses effective, inventive strategies for recognizing and solving problems, and develops a correct sequence of alternatives for goal attainment. He/she creates new designs/invents solutions, devises or adapts a systematic strategy for solving problems or changes the strategy if it is not working, and understands what questions to ask to solve the problem. *
INTERPERSONAL AND COLLABORATION: This student uses effective means to capitalize on his/her peers' personal strengths. He/she divides work based on strengths, listens to the ideas of others, adds or deletes ideas with thoughtfulness, makes connections to big ideas, and has the ability to influence the decisions of the team without overpowering team members. *
I believe this student is an excellent candidate for the STEM Magnet Program. I give him/her my full recommendation. *
Please include any other relevant information regarding this applicant, including his/her greatest strengths and areas of challenge. If you selected "Strongly Disagree" for any statement, please briefly explain why.
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