2022 PAUSAW - Fargo National Team Member Information
This form must be completed for all wrestlers planning on attending Fargo with the Pennsylvania National Team.

Please note that we are not permitted in the dorms until Thursday; therefore, anyone arriving prior to Thursday would need to provide their own housing/transportation for dates/times prior to Thursday.
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What is the wrestler's USAW ID Number? *
What is the wrestler's first name? *
What is the wrestler's last name? *
What is the wrestler's phone number? This is the number to reach the wrestler while on the trip. *
What email address(es) should we use for communication regarding the trip? Please use a semi-colon to separate email addresses. *
Where did the wrestler qualify for Fargo at? List all that apply. *
What weight class will the wrestler be competing in? Note: The wrestler must compete at the weight class he/she qualified at unless he/she qualified at an event that is considered an automatic qualifier allowing him/her to change the weight class. *
What division(s) will the wrestler be competing in? *
What is the wrestler's arrival date/time in Fargo? *
Does the wrestler need picked up from the airport?
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What is the wrestler's departure date/time from Fargo? *
Does the wrestler need taken to the airport?
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Does the wrestler have any food allergies or restrictions that will prevent him/her from eating in the dining all on campus? If so, please list them here. A blank response will indicate there are no allergies/restrictions. *
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Relationship to Wrestler *
Emergency Contact Telephone Number *
What is the wrestler's High School or Club Name? *
Provide the High School or Coach Name and Phone Number *
What grade will the wrestler be in for the 2022-2023 School year? *
Desired College Major *
Folkstyle Honors: (Describe Highest Honor Accomplished and the Year you did it)Please limit to 2 years dueto space requirements *
Freestyle and Greco Honors (List the year and what level you accomplished this)Please limit to 2 years due to space requirements *
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