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 We are able to provide these support services to our community as a result of various government and/or agencies grant funding. Our support services are open to anyone who identifies as a current or *retired sex worker or erotic laborer, lives in Alberta, and is 18 or over. Only the first six questions are required to be answered so that we can reply to your request for services.  We do our very best to respond to everyone within 3 business days. If you do not hear back from us, please check your spam folder. Please note: **Retired sex workers are not eligible for financial aid but are eligible for all other supports services.

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By filling up this form, you are consenting to the following: Identifiable personal information (email address & name/pseudonym) is collected by us to allow us to communicate with you about services that you request. Only those who have a need to see the information to perform their jobs for ANSWERS, with respect to providing you with the services you request, will have access to your information. Identifiable personal information provided to us is collected, used, stored, disclosed, and destroyed in accordance with privacy legislation and our privacy policy; and is only disclosed to employees and Board members, or service providers of the services you have requested, to facilitate your access to those services. Additionally, aggregated, non-identifiable information is collected for the purpose of better understanding the needs of our community. We may also provide non-identifiable, aggregated, statistical information to our grant providers for use in research. If you have any questions about privacy, please contact: Sarah by email I give permission to ANSWERS to share my information for this purpose.
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For counseling services, we can subsidize up to 100% of therapy costs. What percentage of subsidization do you need?
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As a part of our National Assembly (conference), we are working on an Education Resource Tool to get a better understanding of our community. This resource tool is intended to be used by sex work organizations and faculty in sociology/gender studies. This is an anonymous survey and we would love for you to participate. Here is a link to this voluntary survey. Please let us know below if you have any questions.
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We will contact you ASAP! If you have further questions please reach out to Love and Support, The ANSWERS Team.
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