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Revival: restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, or strength.

We see revival around us all the time. When the rain descends on barren land, the earth is given new life and brings forth its beauty. Similarly, when the Quran descends on barren hearts, the spirit is given new life and the beauty of the human flourishes.

This is the spirit of Revival, ICNYouth’s newest initiative for High School Girls (and soon, Guys): an environment of beautiful company, engaging activities, and great food…all centered around developing a practical relationship with the book of Allah. The goal of Revival is to allow us to realize that the Quran is as relevant to all of us here in 2019 as it was to the Prophet (saws) and His companions, and to live in the shade of its beautiful guidance.

Please check the calendar on our webpage for monthly dates. We meet twice a month. icnmasjid.org/icnyouth 
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