Work or Collaborate with Maru Exposito's studio
My focus is on providing value through powerful visual storytelling. I only want to take on your project if I know I’ll be able to create massive value for you. These questions will help us learn about your goals and whether we’ll be a good fit.

But before that, I encourage you to check the studio values.

1. All stories contain life-changing messages.
2. No use of filler content to prolong the story.
3. Stories don’t support gambling, smoking, drugs, homophobia, racism or war.
4. We push into developing environmentally friendly creative processes.
5. High importance on publishing content that meets deadlines and set expectations.

Now, I’m looking forward to hearing about your project!
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What do you do and why does this project matter?
What service are you looking for?
Who is the main audience for this project? Or, if only one type of person could enjoy the project, who would that person be? Age range, language, interests, region, values,... *
Is there a deadline? *
If there is a strict deadline, when is it? *
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If you are requesting a music video for a song you will provide, please select all the options that apply to you.
Disclaimer: I promise to read all requests (I really look forward to hearing from you!). But I can't promise to participate in your project.
Imagine you are the best artist in your genre but it is not our thing. Wouldn't it will be a waste if you work with someone who can't trully enjoy your art? I want both of us to have a great time creating this together and that might mean that we can't collaborate (this time).
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