St. Mark Survey (In English)
St. Mark has made a lot of adaptations during COVID-19, such as livestreamed Mass and drive-thru communion. From liturgy to faith formation, we have had to adapt a lot! And we know you have too. We want to continue spreading our L.O.V.E. for you all by listening to any adaptations or changes you may have needed to make during this pandemic. Your priorities may have changed, so we want to make sure we are still meeting all of your needs. There are 2 sections to this survey: the first serves as a check-in to get a baseline of the wellbeing if the parish and the second is an opportunity for you to tell us what you need so that we look into how we can grow more in 2021.

While this survey is intended to provide information to St. Mark regarding the needs of the community, it is not a means to access pastoral care or any other form of assistance. If you require pastoral care, please call our office at 813-907-7746.

If you have any questions about this survey, you can contact Katie Groves at
This first section is just to get a 'baseline' of the well-being of the parish. This helps us better assess the needs of the parish as a whole.
On a scale of 1-10, how much has your life changed since March 2020? *
Not at all
Did you continue to engage with St. Mark and the parish community since COVID prevention precautions went into effect? Select all that apply. *
Are there any ways you wish you could be involved this year, but could not be due to time constraints, health concerns, the opportunity not being offered, or any other reason? *
Moving Forward
All of our lives have been impacted in some way by COVID. This change looks different for everyone, but St. Mark wants to make sure that we are caring for you in any way that we are able. Your answers to the questions below will help us gauge more specific needs going forward, which may be far different now than they were before COVID.
When thinking about how St. Mark can serve you, what is your priority?
Clear selection
For just the area of formation you want to work on the most (intellectual, spiritual, human), what resources do you think you need? How can St. Mark help you achieve your goals?
Do you have any comments on the other two areas of formation? Do you have any ideas that St. Mark can explore?
If you would like us to be able to contact you to answer any follow-up questions or point you in the right direction for resources, please leave an email that you check regularly below. Your name is not necessary if you would like to be anonymous, but is welcome :)
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