Suggest a Grand Challenge Idea
What kinds of bold and grand challenges can we imagine that lie at the intersectionality of several disciplines, are broad enough for the entire campus community to participate in, and that are in fact further bolstered and not limited by our existing expertise? Please help us identify key priority research areas in which UofL can significantly impact the economic and societal well being of the Louisville community, Kentucky, and beyond.
Please type in the spaces below a broad, thematic area that can act as an umbrella for multidisciplinary research/scholarship initiatives. For example: "Resilience and Sustainability" *
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Please type an example(s) of a specific "research/scholarship thrust” that would fall under the above umbrella theme. For example: "- Responding to/Preparing for Emerging Health Threats (e.g., Infectious Disease and Pandemic Preparedness) AND - Developing Next Generation Sustainable Materials." *
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