CFI Author Website Survey
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We are excited to start working on your website. We need some information from you to get it all running smoothly.

In this survey, we will ask you your preferences so we can set up your username and the email addresses that will be linked to your website. We will ask you questions that will help us design the graphics for your site. We will also get social media info from you and get started on content you'd like to put on your site.

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Google has several powerful tools we like to use on our websites.
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Why does Cedar Fort use Google programs on their sites?
Google has several powerful tools we like to use on our websites.
• Google Analytics tracks visitor counts and stats on your website
• Google Webmaster Tools signs your site up to be monitored by Google's robots so that your site shows up in searches
• Google Calendar will run the Events Calendar on your website email address will be managed through Google at
Wordpress Set up
Your website will be run through WordPress, a powerful and popular opensource blogging software, and hosted by Cedar Fort. You will have administrative access to your site and will be free to use Wordpress's advanced functionality as much as you'd like.

We need a login name for you, so you can log in to the Wordpress Dashboard to blog, manage comments, and add content to your site.

Your Wordpress login name is only connected to your website, so it can be anything you choose: your full name, or a nickname.

We will assign you a random password that you will be able to change as soon as you log in to your website.

What would you like your login name on Wordpress to be? *
Website Design
We hope to design your website to reflect both your work and you yourself as an author.
What is your favorite color?
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Is there any imagery that you associate with yourself, that you would like us to incorporate into your Site Header design?
(scriptures, sunrises, typewriters, etc)
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Are there any photographs that you have the rights to use, that you would like to send to us to use in your site design?
Personal photography, images you've requested and gained permission to use, or images you've purchased rights to from stock photography sites such as and
Are there any special instructions you'd like to give the designer?
(preferred color schemes, topics you'll be blogging about on your site that are separate from your book, etc)
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Social Media
Some of the most powerful tools in your promotional arsenal. Please give us the address (URL) for each social media account you have that you would like to connect with fans through.
My personal Facebook URL (address) is:
If you don't have a Facebook account yet, please set one up, and let us know after you do (email your Cedar Fort Marketing Publicist).
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My Facebook author page (fan page) URL is:
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The Facebook page I want to use for interacting with fans and on my website is:
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Goodreads Author Page:
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Media and Reviews
Do you have a Youtube channel you want linked on your site? URL:
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Do you have any Youtube videos you'd like embedded on your author site (book trailers, interviews, TV spots and showcases)? Give us the URLs:
If you don't have them right now, that's fine. You can add them to your website later.
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Are there any reviews or endorsements of your books that you'd like added to your page? Give us the URLs:
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Any reviews or endorsements of your books that aren't online? Paste the text here, including the reviewer's name, and any credentials ('author of', doctorates, etc).
You can add more later yourself as reviews come in.
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Okay, we're done!
Thank you so much for setting up your author website! You will soon be able to direct fans and readers to your new site. We will contact you when your website is ready to go.
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