William and Mary Reported Hauntings
Thank you for helping me obtain a record of student-reported hauntings on campus! By doing this project, we will hopefully be able to identify the most haunted locations on campus. Your response will be added to the map ASAP.

** Note - The respect for and memory of real people should always take precedence over campus rumors. Please remain respectful when discussing stories associated with traumatic events on William and Mary's campus. For information about the past of Tucker Hall, please click here: https://tinyurl.com/y54wdkka **
What is your name? (Optional, if you don't want to include, just write N/A)
What is your graduating year?
About when did the haunting take place?
Where was the haunting? (Please be as specific as possible!)
Please describe your experience, with as many details as you can remember! (i.e. What happened, what were you doing when it happened, has it happened more than once, etc)
Are there any rumors or any other experiences associated with the location of the haunting that you think relates to your experience? If so, please elaborate.
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