CORE Closed Alpha Sign-Up Form - Exclusively for New World Notes (expires in 72 hours)
CORE is a new platform for creating, publishing, and playing high quality PC games, and it's entering Alpha very soon.

We aim to make to high quality 3D game development and distribution accessible to everyone and redefine who can be a game creator.  Devs, creatives, or anyone who's ever wanted to make a game. No technical experience required - creators of any skill level will be able to make something awesome.  

To be part of the first group of users to try CORE, please provide your info below. In addition to getting first access to the platform, Alpha users will receive exclusive content only available to creators who join during Alpha.

We look forward to creating something new with you.

For more info about Manticore Games, including our Privacy Policy, please visit:

To learn more about Manticore Games's summer internship program, please visit:

After you sign-up and we have reviewed your application, we will be getting back to you with next steps. If you are chosen to be in the CORE Closed Alpha, you will be getting a registration email in a few days.
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CORE’S DEMO AND ALPHA PROGRAM ARE CONFIDENTIAL! I understand and agree to keep confidential (and not otherwise disclose, directly or indirectly, except pursuant to any lawful court order) any information related to the Core Demo or Alpha Program and its related software, including: (i) the performance, capabilities, content and any bugs of the software, (ii) the feedback and comments of any participant (including myself), and(iii) any information related to the Alpha Program or any future or proposed products, services, features or business operations of Manticore Games. I understand and agree that Manticore Games may, in its sole discretion, terminate my access to the Core Demo or participation in the Alpha Program for any reason or no reason, including for my failure to comply with this agreement.
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