Age Appropriate Sexualized Behaviors
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What are some strategies that you can use if you notice a child in your home is exhibiting sexually inappropriate behaviors? *
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What is healthy sexual development? *
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Who do we report sexualized behaviors to? *
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What are two reactive strategies you can use as tools when working with children who exhibit sexualized behaviors ? *
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What are two proactive strategies you can use when working with children who exhibit sexualized behaviors ? *
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Sexual Abuse impacts children's sexual development emotionally and physically. *
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It is NOT generally appropriate for a child 14 and older to want to engage in sexually intense sexual behaviors. *
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For children 11-13, it is appropriate to wear highly suggestive clothing. *
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Inadvertent self-stimulation is appropriate for children under age 3. *
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For children ages 3 and under, it is generally appropriate for them to ask questions about their body parts. *
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