KNC Fan Photoshoots 2017

Fan Photoshoots must be submitted by July 20th, 2017.

Fan Photoshoots are unofficial, fan-organized gatherings at KuroNekoCon. As a courtesy to the hardworking attendees who organize these photoshoots, KNC will post a schedule of all Fan Photoshoots at the Information Table at KNC, on the KNC guidebook app, and on the KNC website!

KNC does not guarantee the presence of a photographer at any scheduled shoot.

Even though Fan Photoshoots are not official events at KNC, as attendees of the convention, participants are expected to follow the policies of KuroNekoCon at all Fan Photoshoots as well as on their Facebook event pages.
Please refer to the Attendee Code of Conduct at:

Changes to Date, Time or Location, should occur no less than 3 days before the date of the convention. Changes should be reported to KNC immediately to ensure that we publish the correct information.

Here is the list of previously submitted fan photoshoots. To be able to access the Facebook event pages, click the link here:
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