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What is your role?
What kind of organism do you study?
What operating system do you use?
What web browser do you use?
What types of data do you generate and use in your research?
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What is the typical data set size you handle?
How many data files do you typical deal with in your analysis?
Where do you access large data sources from?
What format do you normally express your output in?
1 (most common)
5 (least common)
Text (tsv, csv)
What are your top 3 areas you would like help with?
Genome assembly
Genome annotation
Metabolic modeling
Comparative genomics
Variation analysis
What are you top 3 obstacles for assembly?
#1 (most critical)
Uploading raw data
Downloading results
Sharing results
Accessing a particular assembly program (challenges with installation)
Not having the computer resources to run the assembly program
Knowing which parameter values to use for the assembler
Not being able to compare assemblers against each other
What are you top 3 obstacles for annotation?
#1 (most critical)
Uploading the data
Knowing which annotation program to use
Using the annotation software
Importing annotations from key soruces
Exporting annotations to other programs
Comparing annotations
What tools or features would you like to see in KBase?
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What analysis techniques do you routinely use in your research?
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What scientific problems are you addressing in your research?
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