Where to next?
Hi there, we've come a long way in our Halal Food Bank journey. 5 years to be exact. It's been a lot of fun and we have learned a lot however, we're now starting to wonder, what's next? We've started paying attention to some important structural concerns about the project.

Questions like "When can we start taking cash donations?" and "Does the word "halal" restrict the areas we could be working in?" have come up a few times this year. What's clear is that in order to continue this valued service, we need to be doing the right things, for the right people, in the right way.

Since the community has been responsible for so much of our success, we wanted to include you, the amazing community, to help us shape the future of this project.

Are there things we can incorporate as part of our service? Who else could we be serving?

This feedback form is designed to help us understand two things:
(1) Why the community connects with this project and
(2) How to better support the wider Australian community.

Should we do different kinds of food boxes? Maybe we need to start looking into working in the homelessness, or mental health spaces?

What do you think? If you get stuck, or prefer to talk through this feedback, just give Maryam a ring on 0430 959 260.

We have asked for your email so we can follow up with you about your awesome suggestions.

Thanks for helping us out!

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1. How long have you been involved with HFB-Perth? *
2. Why do you support HFB-Perth? *
What's your motivation behind attending packing days, donating or cheering us on from the sidelines?
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3. Where do you see HFB-Perth in 5 years time? *
It's 2022, what are we doing? Is it still in Perth? How are we recognized in the Perth charity scene?
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4. What does HFB-Perth represent to you? *
We'd like to understand which values stand out when you engage with this project.
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5. How do you explain what our project is about to your friends or family members? *
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6. Do you see a need for other kinds of services to be provided in Perth? *
Please name a few
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7. What else can we be doing in the community? *
This can be related to food support or other services. Please provide a brief explanation for your answers.
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8. If you could choose a new name for the project, what would it be?
Once we decide on a new strategic direction, we will need to come up with a new name for the project. We've already had a few brainstorming sessions on this but nothing has stuck so far.
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9. Are you actively involved in other community initiatives?
Please name some.
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10. Any other comments for us?
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