Observations on History of Medicine
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Goals and strategies of innovators
Think of any three innovators (such as Hippocrates or Sydenham), or groups of innovators (such as the French hospitalists): What were their implicit or explicit goals? What were their key general or overall choices (of platforms, paradigms etc.) choices?
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Relationship between useful and "scientific" knowledge
Basing your response on one chapter of your choice: What was the relationship between the development of knowledge of “the way things naturally are” and the knowledge directly used to treat patients? Who were the leading developers of the former? How long whether lags between learning about the way things naturally are and the knowledge used to treat patients?
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Role of the state
Again, focusing on any one chapter of your choice: In what ways did the state influence the development of medical knowledge?
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Medical vs non-medical knowledge
What differences do you see in how useful knowledge is developed in medicine and in nonmedical artifacts and practices?
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Additional overall observations
(If any!)
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