Applications are now open for Makespace’s new building on Park End Street. The Community Works is located in the city centre, opposite Oxford train station.The first studio spaces will be available to rent from September after the building has undergone the first phase of a major refurbishment.

Spaces are limited and so apply early to avoid disappointment. Applications will be considered based on your ability to demonstrate the following criteria:

- Your group or organisation is locally rooted
- You are delivering a social/environmental benefit
- You support the ethos of Makespace; to foster a culture of community, mutual aid, support and solidarity
- You are a social enterprise or Charity; or can demonstrate how your profits are being reinvested to deliver a social or environmental benefit
- You are a start-up or group at an early stage of development (preferred but not essential)

This is phase one of a bigger project. Makespace is also raising funds to open up additional spaces in the Community Works in order to support BAME-led organisations and communities impacted by COVID-19 with subsidised work, meeting and organising space.

More information on the second phase of the project will be available soon. Please also register your interest below if you are a BAME-led organisation and/or if your organisation has been directly impacted by COVID-19 and are seeking subsidised space in order to be able to recover and continue your activities.
Main contact name: *
Main contact email and number: *
Name of organisation (if your organisation doesn't yet have a name, please indicate its main activity) *
Organisation structure: Please tell us whether your organisation is legally constituted and if so what form that takes. *
Organisation description: Please briefly describe the history, purpose and activities of your organisation. *
How does the purpose and activities of your organisation serve local needs and focus on social and/or environmental value and benefit (Essential)? *
How would your organisation contribute to the ethos of mutual support, knowledge sharing and collaboration (Essential)? E.g. What capacity could you give knowledge/skillshares? *
Is your organisation led by BAME individuals and/or does your organisation actively work to counter systemic racism?
Has your organisation been directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis? Are you seeking subsidised space in order to be able to recover and continue your activities? *
Does your organisation work on a not for profit basis (Desirable)? E.g. Does it have an asset-lock or a policy around re-investment of surplus. If your organisation is for-profit can you explain how you operate for social benefit?
Would you intend to make “practical” use of the space for creating, making or fixing e.g. art, craft, upcycling etc (Desirable)? Please describe these activities.
Would you intend to offer an element of education and training as part of your work (Desirable)? Please describe these activities e.g. events, workshops, courses or resources.
Do you require space on a longer term (eg up to a year or more) or ad-hoc basis? NB: we will initially prioritise organisations in need of permanent space however if you needs are ad-hoc we still want to hear from you. *
What are your space needs? Please describe your ideal size, set-up and personnel. *
Do you require accessible space? (The current spaces available are unfortunately not accessible but the larger ground floor space will be.) *
Facilities: Makespace Oxford intends to provide heating, power, toilets, water, high-speed internet connection and basic kitchenette. Please indicate any additional facilities you require:
Roughly how much power does your organisation consume per month? i.e. how much would an average bill come to.
What how much and what type of waste does your organisation generate? Do you require an specialist licence for waste disposal? *
Does the nature of your work require extraction or any other process to ensure a safe working environment?
Please detail what kind of access to the space your organisation would need. ie weekdays, weekends, core work hours (9am-5pm), evenings. *
What are your security requirements? Do you have expensive equipment which will be left in the building? *
What (if any) insurance coverage does your organisation have? *
What do you currently pay in rent / what rent could you currently afford? £ per month. *
Financial details: Please tell us your organisations annual turnover in 2019/20 and predicted annual turnover for 2020/21. *
When would your organisation be looking to move in? *
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