SURGE GM Sign-up
For those who wish to be a semester-time Game Master at SURGE. This form will close on the 15th of September

Much of this form is for the purposes of our Game Master pitches at Session 0 - but you are required to sign up even if you aren't pitching, so that we have an accurate breakdown of GM numbers.

Email address will only be used to contact you regarding this form should such contact be necessary. Your email address will not be displayed anywhere. If you wish to edit your submission, you may do so with the link automatically sent to your email address.

Your name, campaign name, system, and expected party size (as well as tagline and pitch if applicable) will be displayed in our preliminary campaign list for all members, leading up to Session 0.

Due to the nature of the current Covid lockdown, games are expected to be hosted over Discord. More information will likely be provided in the near future.

SURGE Discord:

Once you are done, notify a member of the committee in the SURGE Discord and you will be provided with the Campaigning GM role and its perks.
Email address *
GM Name *
First and last names if possible, please. Campaigns with co-GMs are allowed and all GMs should be listed here.
Campaign Name *
Typically the name of the adventure module, or - if homebrew - a snappy title of your own creation.
Game System *
To prevent inconsistent labelling, popular systems (Based on SURGE history and DriveThruRPG Best-Sellers) are pre-listed. You are free to run any title you like. Just type in what you want to run if your system of choice isn't listed. A game's presence in this list is no indication of whether SURGE has any copies in storage. A complete list of SURGE-owned rulebooks can be found here: - however Covid may make them unavailable.
Party Size - expected lower range *
Not including GM.
Party Size - expected upper range *
Not including GM.
Other Notes
For anything else you would like to tell us. Only the committee will see this.
Is this a continued campaign? *
I.e. You already have your party together and thus do not need to pitch your game at Session 0.
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