BOOM Sailing School 2020 Registration - Port Stanley
UPDATE Jan 12 - Space is now limited for youth in the first week of the program. DO NOT CHOOSE THE FIRST MULTIPLE CHOICE OPTION FOR INTENDED PROGRAM
Introductory Information:
The BOOM Sailing school is an active hands-on mobile program that services many summer communities in Ontario. Much of the instruction happens in Quba sailing dinghies. It is run by the Ontario Sailing Association and is hosted by the Port Stanley Sailing Squadron when it is in Port Stanley. See for more information.
Completing and submitting this form is the first step in registering for the BOOM sailing program in Port Stanley Ontario in August of 2020. The second step is to pay a deposit or the full fee up front (the full fee is discounted if it is paid up front). Acceptance of the deposit or full fee can be considered confirmation of registration although a follow up e-mail will also be sent at a later date. More details about fee payments are in the notes at the end of the survey.
In 2020 there are two weeks worth of youth BOOM programs offered in Port Stanley at the Port Stanley Sailing Squadron: August 10-14 and August 17-21. Participants can register for either week or both weeks. It takes about 2 weeks of instruction to move up a level in the CanSail standards. The cost of the youth program is $350 per week if paid up front or $375 dollars if paid in 2 installments ($100 deposit and $275 final payment). There are 14 to 16 youth spots each week. In 2019 all the spots were taken by the end of February so act fast!
There is also an evening adult sailing program that is offered. The adult program consists of 4 three-hour sessions over the two weeks. The sessions are slated to happen from 5:30 to 8:30 on Aug 11,13,18,20 although the dates and times may be adjusted to fit coaching availability or the weather. Participants are advised to leave Aug 12 and 19 etc. open in case there is a need to switch a date. The cost of the adult program is $275 if paid up front or $300 if it is paid in 2 installments ($100 deposit and $200 final payment)
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Important Information
- this online registration does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Cashing the deposit or the full payment guarantees acceptance.
- The cost of the youth program is $350 per week if paid up front or $375 dollars if paid in 2 installments ($100 deposit and $275 final payment)
-The cost of the adult program is $275 if paid up front or $300 if it is paid in 2 installments ($100 deposit and $200 final payment)
- A payment of at least $100 is required immediately, the final payment is required April 15th. Participants who make the full payment up front save $25
- the preferred method of payment is an e-transfer made to - make the pass code ' squadron ' , only if a pass code is needed. Indicate ' sailing school' under notes. Also, in the notes, indicate the e-mail of the payee, the participant name, whether the participant is in the youth or adult program, and if in the youth program what week they are signed up for.
- alternatively, a cheque made payable to Port Stanley Sailing Squadron can be mailed to: Port Stanley Sailing Squadron, 305 Sailor's Alley , Port Stanley, Ontario Canada N5L 1C2 - if you pay by cheque, then please inform the sailing school committee chair * by e-mail so that we can watch for the cheque
- any questions about payment can be made to the sailing school committee chair, *Kerby Waud - or cell/text 519-630-7939
- $50 is non-refundable before April 15, $100 is non-refundable between April 15 and June 15
- Refundability of the balance after June 15th would depend on whether we could fill the spot. (minimum $100 non-refundable but it could be more)
- The any remaining balance is due April 15th, 2020
- A paper copy of a registration form will also need to be filled out on or before the first day of the sailing school. Please allow 15-20 minutes to complete the paperwork on that first day.
- please note that sailing is an activity that involves inherent risk. Some of the paperwork on that first day will ask that you acknowledge that fact.
- participants are to bring their own lunch / snacks, boat shoes (as well as shore shoes), a hat, sunscreen, a change of clothes etc...

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