DLMD Advisory Council Application
The Downtown Lexington Management District (DLMD) created an Advisory Council in order to advise the Board of Directors, and to help the DLMD succeed in its goals of beautifying downtown, making downtown even safer, and encouraging economic development. The DLMD is looking for Advisory Council members with a passion for Downtown Lexington and skills and expertise to advise the board. Advisory Council Members must either be property owners or tenants within the district, or individuals with technical knowledge of beautification, security, or economic improvement. Members of the Advisory Council are expected to attend the monthly meetings of the DLMD Board (8:30 am on the first Wednesday of each month) and to meet as necessary in order to conduct Advisory Council business. Your application will be shared with the DLMD board, as they consider appointing up to five Advisory Council members.
Name (first and last)
Job title and corporate affiliation (if applicable)
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District relationship (check all that apply)
Technical expertise (check all that apply)
What contributions would you make as a member of the DLMD Advisory Board? (one paragraph)
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