Councillor Paul Ainslie Performance Evaluation - Short Version
This survey is an opportunity for members of the community to evaluate the performance of Councillor Paul Ainslie. The intent of this survey is to contribute to his understanding of how he can better serve the community. Since this survey is the shortened version of the full evaluation, it should take roughly 3 to 5 minutes to complete.
Please answer the following questions with a number from 1 to 10.
1=Strongly Disagree 10=Strongly Agree
Do I, Paul Ainslie keep my commitments consistently? *
To what degree do you trust my judgment? *
To what degree do you trust my ability to represent you? *
Do I solve problems effectively and in a timely manner? *
Does my attitude represent a strong motivation to work for you?
Do I come up with new ideas, fresh approaches or innovative solutions?
To what extent do I align my priorities with your expectations? *
Please check as many that apply.
What is one area that I should work to improve? *
Where do you learn about what is happening at City Hall? *
Please tell me about yourself *
Do you live in Ward 43?
Do you work in Ward 43?
Do you receive my monthly E-New (Ward 43 Report)
Have you attended my monthly Town Hall Meetings
Have you visited my monthly Constituency Mobile Office
Please indicate your age range
Answers to the following questions can be as long or as short as you feel necessary.
Have I supported a Council decision that you disagreed with? If yes, which one and why?overall performance?
Your answer
Any additional comments or feedback on my overall performance?
Your answer
Your answer
Your answer
Your answer
Phone Number
Your answer
Thank you for your time. I appreciate your feedback!
I welcome you to view my website for information on local organizations, the community,
events, news and City Hall.
To serve the community better my Scarborough Constituency Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Scarborough Civic Centre. Residents are welcome to drop in between 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
You are always welcome to contact me about any municipal issue at: 416-396-7222 or
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